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All about Decorations!

Depending on your personality, décor is either important or utterly irrelevant to you. Personally, I have always been a nest-builder and love my environment to look and feel a certain way. However, I have usually been curtailed by a lack of finance to fulfil my ideas and instead have had to be creative. I know
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Considerations for a Drinks Reception

At Barnabrow, originating as an idea from the pre-smoking-ban days, and in order to keep the main dining area pristine for dinner, we have always held the pre-reception drinks in a different building. This is a converted cottage called Mor Chluana. Mor was the fairy goddess of Cloyne whose great beauty, legend has it, affected
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Special Thoughts for Children on your Wedding Day

Generally weddings are not the playground of choice for children. From the child’s point of view the best part is getting dressed-up in fancy clothes, but for most the novelty of wearing the pretty lacy dress has worn off shortly after the ceremony has ended. For them weddings also involve long boring meals and even
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How to Manage your Photographer! By Claire O’Rorke

After the big day has passed, long after your honeymoon tan has faded it is your wedding photographs that will bring you back to that fantastic day in Barnabrow; the day you were married! Making sure you get the right photographer, who will tell this story, is paramount. Talk to people, get recommendations, and meet
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Timetabling Your Wedding Day

Unless you have been married before, have been a bridesmaid ten times, or work in project management, the chances are that you will never have organised such a big event before and you will have lots of basic questions to ask. Perhaps the most frequent one pertains to the timing of events. Surprisingly, the way
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Easter Lunch at Barnabrow House

Why not join us at Barnabrow House this Easter Sunday, for a Sunday lunch that will delight all of the family. Spring time has officially arrived at Barnabrow House and we have embraced it fully. Our Michelin star chef, Stuart Bowes has devised a spectacular menu to showcase the fantastic produce East Cork has to
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Your wedding at Barnabrow House

For a couple that are looking for a unique wedding venue in Cork, Barnabrow House is ideal for the special day.  Barnabrow house is a luxurious Irish country estate near Ballycotton Bay that is full of nostalgic charm. Barnabrow House can be exclusively yours on your wedding day if you wish with no charge for
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Barnabrow House are winners again!

We have two very exciting announcements to make. Not only have we been named as one of the 100 top wedding venues in Ireland by the team of ‘One Fab Day’, we have also won a Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award for 2014. ‘One Fab Day’ is an Irish online wedding magazine, that has grown into
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New Barnabrow Food Products on the Market

Winter at Barnabrow is usually a time for drawing breath after the craziness and busyness of the Summer.  We do the high dusting and the deep polishing, paint brushes are cleaned in preparation, Liam does things with manure, the office people clean up their computers, the kitchen goes on holidays, generally we batten down the
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              As I write the October sun is beaming through my window and the room is naturally warm.  It seems strange to be thinking about Christmas before the leaves have even fallen. Nevertheless that is exactly what we are doing here.  Stuart has compiled this delicious sounding Christmas Menu
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