Paddy’s Day Cocktail Box – Shamrock Gin Shake from Barnabrow House

Paddy’s Day – Shamrock Shake (With Gin!!)

As we watched our Taoiseach, looking dapper in his green tie, address the nation with solemnity this time last year, we did not think that , one year on, that  we would be experiencing another St Patrick’s Day being cancelled!

All of us have become expert at the novel.  No matter what your experience of Covid has been, you have to admit there have been so very many new ideas that it has been so very hard to keep up with all of the new trends.  Especially when you have a limited number of people around you to tell you about them.

So I am shouting from the rooftops (the balcony) about the Shamrock Gin Shake and I hope that you can hear me as this is one brief trend that should not be missed.

Green Gin in a box for home consumption or to share with loved ones abroad and perhaps to enjoy together over Zoom – definitely a good new trend!