Country House in East Cork, Ireland - About Us
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About Us

Barnabrow Country House located in beautiful, East Cork in Ireland has been lovingly and extensively restored and developed over the past 20 years. Bar na Brugha translates from the Gaelic as ‘top of the fairy fort’. There is a touch of magic about the place in all seasons and one is never too far from a real rural experience of connecting with nature.

At Barnabrow time moves at a gentler pace. Peaceful and relaxed, sip a drink and read your book surrounded by nature’s scents and hums.

Barnabrow is almost a self-contained village. It has hidden nooks and crannies that are exciting to explore and all with tantalising views of the rolling countryside of Cork.

Barnabrow is not a hotel – it is a family home and a home to children and their pets. We welcome children. We have 7 donkeys, 2 goats, geese and dogs!